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"Impossible Is Nothing"
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Julian Xhokaxhiu

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DevOps Engineer - Cloud Architect - Solution Architect - Platform Engineer

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Delivery Architect
NOV / 2022

About me

The Kick-starter

Give me a mission, give me a vision and I will take up the rest.

If I have to work solo on a topic I am not afraid, as long as this will contribute to be a global benefit.
For the organization itself, for the colleagues or for the outside world.

If you believe on this, I believe on it too.
Inspire me, and you will get inspired from the outcome.

Working in Startups for most people is the fear of losing comfort in the long term.
I personally enjoy contributing in a thrilling environment.

The Forger

I like to come up with new solutions when I see "a missing block". Most of the time I do this in my spare time ( after-work or on the weekend ).

Although I much rather prefer to invest this time at my Job. Because I believe working with someone is helping each other. The help is not only a one side communication channel.

Experimenting is in my blood, archiving perfection too. Restricting goals in time is something I also learned. I recognize limits, yet I prefer to squeeze the perfection in every product I work on. As much as I can.

The Debugger

Debugging is usually a task no one really prefers. This one is not me. I actually enjoy it.

Why? Because I believe that debugging is a learning process, a way to understand the limits of any topic that is related to the task.
Let it be an area of focus, a technical tool, a knowledge area, whatever.

Learning to recognize the limits ( technically, conceptually or whatever ), helps on knowing where you can push further.

The Team-player

Working solo is not a problem for me, although working in a team makes my job more enjoyable. This is why I always prefer working in a team, rather than alone.

I don't mind differences of any kind, let it be culture, technological based or whatever. As long as we push on the same direction, I will be there.

I truly believe in the team spirit, I am ready to take responsibilities if I fail somewhere. Learning to fail, is the first step to get better.

Learn to fail, fail to learn.

The Open mind

Working with different set of technologies, makes you realize nothing is perfect. Instead you prefer to focus on what does solve your immediate problems.

This is why I do personally not focus on a specific tool, but instead I focus on which requirement is being covered and how.

When I forge an architecture ( or look at one ) of any product, I always keep in mind my left and right side. Nothing is there casually. Everything must have a reason.

Curious to know more about me? Feel free to get in touch using any of the social profiles.

Work Experience

Aicod Srl

Web Developer and Designer

JUN/2009 - SEP/2013Parma, Italy

Casa Editrice Spaggiari S.p.A.

IT Analyst,
Web Designer And Developer

OCT/2013 - JAN/2014Parma, Italy

cron IT GmbH

Agile Senior Frontend Developer

APR/2014 - DEC/2014Stuttgart, Germany

aexea GmbH
communication. content. consulting

Agile Senior FrontEnd Developer

AUG/2014 - DEC/2014Stuttgart, Germany

Schommer Media GmbH
TYPO3 Internetagentur Stuttgart

Agile Senior Frontend Developer
Team Leader of the Frontend Area

JAN/2015 - JUN/2016Stuttgart, Germany

Mercedes-Benz.io GmbH

Senior Software/Cloud Engineer

JUL/2016 - FEB/2019Stuttgart, Germany

Netcentric, A Cognizant Digital Business

Senior System/DevOps/Cloud Operations Engineer

APR/2019 - SEP/2019Barcelona, Spain


Senior DevOps Engineer

MAR/2021 - OCT/2022Barcelona, Spain


Delivery Architect

NOV/2022 - CURRENTBarcelona, Spain

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Web Design

OS Development

  • C / C++
  • Visual Basic 6.0 / VB.NET
  • Visual C++ / C#
  • Pascal / Delphi
  • Intel ASM / Turbo ASM
  • Python
  • Objective-C / Cocoa
  • Microcode ( 65C02 )

Mobile Development

  • Objective-C / Cocoa Touch
  • Java / Android
  • Third Party Frameworks ( PhoneGap / Titanium / etc. )

Container Orchestration

Cloud Platform

  • AWS (S3, EC2, VPC, Lambda, Cloudfront, ECS, EKS, etc.)
  • Azure (Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, etc.)

Infrastructure as Code

  • Fully understood, and ready for the future
  • Studying, but ready to achive goals
  • Studied, and not interested to continue further

Actually, since I don't consider them a Skill, I use practically any OS out in the market: Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS, Android.
But If I have to say a preference, Windows is my favourite OS ( for Desktop usage, of course ).
While for Mobile I prefer Android for its freedom.



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